MeeGo Netbook User Experience

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The consulting company OpenedHand was acquired by Intel in 2008 to work in their Open Source Technology center in London. The team were asked to create a new and optimised experience for computing on Netbooks: small (<10" screen), cheap computers with trackpads and keyboards for input.

Building on a solid core of open source software from the Moblin, Maemo and GNOME projects an advanced, optimised, appliance like computing system was created and successfully sold by partners around the world for several years. The repositories here are mirrored from Gitorious when it shut down in the state that the Netbook user experience was in when development finally ceased in 2011.

Whilst this code is entirely of academic interest now there are still some fun tricks and concepts that may be of use to the idle reader, and to those who worked on it, the memories of a busy yet exceptionally fun time.